Another Reason Hemp Might Be A Miracle Plant
Can Hemp Clean The Planet

A plant biologist at Colorado State University named Gavin Stonehouse started doing tests by planting hemp in soil samples with various levels of selenium. What is selenium? It’s a mineral that occurs naturally all over the western part of the US. The problem with selenium is that it’s a nasty environmental pollutant. It’s also a nutrient that works as an antioxidant when found naturally in food. Studies have not found any conclusive benefits but it seems to increase the risk of non-melanoma skin cancer.

What we wanted to know is can planting help reduce levels of selenium in the soil? If it does this would prove that hemp naturally cleans soils contaminated with a multitude of toxic substances. In 2014 Colorado passed a bill that legalized industrial Help agriculture and other states such as Arizona have recently followed. Even ultra-conservative Republican Mitch McConnell has supported including Hemp cultivation in the farm bill for 2018. Initial testing are encouraging. It’s very possible that growing hemp in contaminated soil is an organic method to cleaning up toxic soil.

Hemp is a hardy plant that grows like a week states the article in Rolling Stone. It could very well be the savior of life on this planet because of all the potential uses. The article does caution that a hemp based future is not exactly green. There are drawbacks like other industrial agriculture.